19Hi, Welcome to Deluxe Fine Arts Website. I am Sabrina Debono and I am from Malta (Europe), a beautiful and warm island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Europe.12507177_811669922289744_8723175452941507088_n
I was always a craft lover and I used to admire the pretty half dolls dressed in their beaded skirts whenever I visited a craft fair. When I decided to start bead knitting I realized that it was very difficult to acquire a half doll. There is no one locally who makes half dolls. All the half dolls were imported.

Since I fell in love with these little beauties, I decided to start creating my own handmade and hand painted Fine Porcelain Half Dolls.

I invested in a large kiln together with all the necessary items so as to start off this creative adventure. Creating a fine porcelain half doll requires a lot of care, attention and dedication. After cleaning thoroughly the porcelain slip, I pour it in the necessary molds. The doll is then cleaned. Tiny flowers are made out of porcelain clay and attached to the doll. After their very first firing, the dolls are then glazed and decalled. Thus requiring a further two more firings. Afterwards, the meticulous job of china painting commences. After each painting, the dolls are fired. This procedure takes at least another three more firings. Therefore each doll is fired at least six times in the kiln! I try to perfection my dolls with each and every one I create.276

I also manage a Facebook page, named Half Dolls Malta. Once you LIKE my page you will receive weekly updates of my latest fine porcelain creations.2

3My work has been aired on different TV shows in the Maltese Islands namely “Eli and I” on NET TV in Spring 2014, “NET NEWS” in Spring 2014, “Snajja Maltin” on ONE TV in December 2014, “Meander” on NET TV in February 2015 and “Siegha Zmien” on ONE TV between October 2014 and June 2015.10993412_656057641184307_4681991395358877401_n1901265_659042360885835_812838734140043400_n10978580_656057657850972_5846460449933367533_nIn this photo I am together with International Ikebana Headmistress Riho Miyamoto, who together with her Japanese delegation, was choosing her fine porcelain half dolls during the Spring Horticultural Festival at San Anton Gardens, Attard. 10357471_516779808445425_3164250132976696889_n An article, which is over 4 pages long was published about my half doll creations! 1936306_835384893251580_73393824676886408_n1897878_1696158513962903_7662238928420858451_n

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Facebook Page – Half Doll Malta


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