Previous Exhibitions

1. Dar il-Providenza Collective Auction/ Exhibition, Valletta Parliament, December 2016

2. Maltese Serbian Collective Exhibition, Cavalieri Art Hotel, 17.2.2017

exhibition 1

3. First Solo Exhibition,Banca Giuratale, Gozo, 4.11.2017


4. Second Solo Exhibition, Corinthia Palace Hotel, Attard, 6.10.2018



5. Yuletide Collective Exhibition, 188, Old Bakery Street, Valletta, December 2018

yuletide exhibition


6. Nature’s Palette, Banca Giuratale, Gozo, August 2019


7. Swieqi Art Festival, Swieqi Art Hall, September 2019

swieqi art festival



My Art Work has been sold/auctioned to help the following entities>

Dar il-Providenza

Salesians Oratory, Sliema


AAA – Association for Abandoned Animals

Art Auction for a Champ / Zak Mifsud and family

Terry Time Trust

St Jude Foundling Home, Jhansi, India






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