History A Half Doll mainly consists of the upper part of a fine porcelain doll, therefore the hips, waist chest and the facial features. Half Dolls were created so that they could be attached to items such as pincushions, curtain tassels, tea cozies whisks, bottle stoppers, lampshades and powder puffs. Nowadays they are being used for Bead knitting, Pincushion sewing and Egg Art. Half Dolls were mainly used in the early 20th century and reached their peak in popularity between 1900 and 1930. Most of the Half Dolls at that time where created in Europe and America. These Half Dolls were created used by the ladies of high society. They were used as pincushion dolls since they were kept on the dressing tables. The elegant ladies placed their strings of pearls and other jewelery around the porcelain doll while placing their large hat pins in the puffed skirt. Styles There are different styles of half dolls. Most of the half dolls consist of ‘closed arms’. Here the dolls’ arms are close to the body. The mold of these types of dolls consists of one mold.31 Another style is called ‘Arms away’, meaning that two molds are used so as to create the doll. One mold consists of the chest, neck and head while the second mold is made out of the arms. 31 Some dolls have additional molds. For instance a half doll who is holding a tray in her hands together with the teapot and cup and saucer, consists of 3 or 4 molds. Thus the more complicated the doll is, the more elaborate are its molds. Another style of half doll consists of a seated one. Very often the mold/or molds are used to make the upper part of the doll, thus the half doll. Then a separate mold is used to make the legs. These seated half dolls are then placed onto a chaise lounge or a sofa. This setting is so pretty!40

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