85This page is dedicated completely to the Television program Siegha Zmien which is aired on One TV on Wednesday and Saturday morning. I will be present at the program every fortnight on a Wednesday. During the program I will give a detailed explanation of what one can create with the beautiful porcelain half dolls I make. This varies from pincushion dolls, tassels and so on. Thus in this page I will write a step by step description of the crafts I will create together with Gorg, the presenter. So check out this page regularly! 86
In the very first program I gave some information about the porcelain half dolls that I create. I also explained the use of the pincushion dolls between the 1900s and 1920s. I brought different types of fabric that I shall use in the next program to create the pincushion dolls.88 In the second time I appeared as a guest on the show Siegha Zmien, I explained the pattern. I cut out the pattern and sewed the top skirt parts together. After pleating it, I attached it to the base. Thus I managed to prepare part of the base of the half doll’s underskirt.121 During the next program I had ample time to give a lot of ideas to my televiewers. I went through a large variety of my half dolls and I showed them what colour scheme they can choose for that particular doll. For instance a small doll which I painted in silver grey and white and added dark blue flowers on it, would look lovely with a silver cloth, dark blue cloth and white lace. I then showed my televiewers what doll I will be working on next in the following programs – A Christmas Angel (since it will be Christmas in a couple of month’s time.) Finally I continued working on the previous doll. I filled in the based skirt and attached the half doll to the bas skirt. I also started sewing on the lace to the top skirt.162163164165166167168005007 During this program I continued working on the light blue and yellow doll. The material is now sewn together so that the designed material is in front. The top part of the skirt is folded and sewn. Then I passed a ribbon through and tied the skirt onto the half doll. The bottom part of the skirt was pinned onto the base and afterwards I will sew it gently by hand. The second top skirt is slowly pinned to the bottom skirt and doll. I will now move onto sewing the top skirt. In the next show I will create cloth flowers and add them to the skirt and doll! Hopefully this doll will be ready in the next program.210211212213214215216 During this programme, I explained how to create a cloth flower. Afterwards I sewed the lace onto the skirt and thus the doll is now ready! I will be showing the finished off doll in the following programme.219220In the next programme I showed the completed doll. It looks wonderful indeed! I gave a brief overview of the what is the next half doll – The Christmas Angel!123 During this programme,I explained that in the following programmes I will explain the steps one has to go through so as to create this beautiful Christmas doll on a sleigh! Afterwards I started working on the Angel. I cut out the underskirt and stitched altogether. After tightening the skirt around the angel half doll, I cut out the fabric while using the pattern for the top skirt. 1516171819212324 In this programme I stitched the lace onto the skirt and finished off the wings for the angel. All this is explained in my original patterns which you can find online on my website! 10359513_613547595435312_2018421715411724273_n10520639_613527088770696_3188429334442085637_n10525823_613527068770698_3279396207485163011_n10625014_613547575435314_8733966575711671764_n10678703_613527115437360_5612554156835880766_n Now I will start working on a new project which is the Christmas doll on the sleigh. After cutting the fabric for the base pincushion, I sewed a wide hem around it and left an opening to pass the safety pin and elastic. This was then attached to the half doll. This project will be continued in the following shows. 10805816_616792098444195_9178259669041419638_n1528488_616792161777522_8035819063173148812_n10171781_616792181777520_2732799206992958916_n16410_616792131777525_1414428847550001908_n11128_616792078444197_3723723812835355943_n After cutting the two skirts, I sewed the hem all around the skirts and tightened the skirts around the waist. The bottom skirt was sewed to the bottom.10423950_620203148103090_6681645616090679695_n10846235_620203134769758_6704250988070076739_n10846261_620203104769761_8457984726989316218_n10636102_620203118103093_8325088995921399708_n Now simply sew the sequins flowers as shown in the photos all around the top skirt and in certain spaces on the bottom skirt. Sew on the lace and place the legs. She is ready!15172_624400517683353_3461022671963787793_n1524610_624400627683342_4799792208312879615_n644387_624400671016671_6554988122046497839_n10153919_624400651016673_7933113288626760258_n10176127_624400601016678_704779601444931846_n10443450_624400691016669_8695544208965543464_n10671485_624400541016684_2348190044793114260_n10846089_624400567683348_3687342275701302452_n In the following two programmes I will be explaining how to create the skirt of a small pincushion doll. These are perfect to give as gifts since you do not require a lot of work and you can use extra fabric from other projects. Cut out the fabric from my pattern / this can be bought from my website/ then sew the base skirt together and attach the tiny half doll to the skirt. These dolls are only 5cm tall and you can find them in the Small Half Doll Collection in my website.10891796_631417896981615_6075684717298063604_n10888773_631417910314947_3635117047676067745_n10881542_631417926981612_1949432583583492394_n10882183_631417956981609_2033719579797064021_n934888_631417946981610_1247288147977401864_n In the following programmes I will be explaining how to create a jewel boxes. With my patterns you can create a medium sized jewel box or a large jewel box. The pattern is available for sale on my website. Photos to follow ….10850168_642400802549991_1099739601069966943_n10924793_642400942549977_5091367720756893863_n10928989_642400925883312_3592056181157082772_n10426088_642400899216648_7761777574863188913_n11585_642400959216642_2284088675275346372_n In this programme I continued working on the large green jewel box. Isn’t a wonder!10393972_648344215288983_7018215850001562276_n

1508200_648344231955648_6029872797318431021_n10393972_648344215288983_7018215850001562276_n Now I will start a new project … The cross stitch pattern. These are available from this site. Follow all the TV shows to learn how to create this wonder!10386750_650037691786302_3671646255827341705_n (2)10408663_650037728452965_1741462598027874844_n My next project is the Tea Cosy. I think that she looks lovely with her little apron!10988527_655667627889975_7139884569261002790_n10612738_655653271224744_3995645145825761502_n10985605_655667647889973_1663572373519015765_n Here are more photos from the following programmes where I created the Tea Pot Cozy!10256068_662276403895764_5756244562560385542_n10997517_662276353895769_2673275675285451646_n11002502_662276373895767_6095567681914690813_n11002665_662276390562432_3327494227043117317_n During this programme I finished off the tea cozy. She is very cute!11052015_669761506480587_2815991675481441545_n11052426_669752553148149_5941180719450649746_n10440240_669752536481484_1025906643000939480_n11052857_669752526481485_1725422085778421889_n My next project consists of My Half Doll Easter Basket! 10613037_673786989411372_3176625666097519242_n11066544_673787022744702_2315333599615832996_n21273_673787006078037_5600507407837320298_n10374023_673787039411367_3762845326282073784_n In the following programmes I will show the televiewers how to create a Tassel half doll! Isn’t she delightful!11115646_687406924716045_5095393636005881752_n11115646_687406924716045_5095393636005881752_n (2)13380_687407008049370_6982644392241964282_n Here is the tassel! Here are the two tassels I made. The pattern is available for sale in this website.

The following write ups and pictures are during the television programme aired during 2015 and 2016. In this first programme I showed my new work, which consists of the frame.  I hope that you like it!12088582_10207009137420993_9178438587384935652_n (2) 12074988_10207009137500995_6920329534244108026_n 11226181_10207009138021008_1173287764039773115_n 12043090_10207009138701025_2721497726867030451_nHere is the frame I created during the show. 12310544_791454957644574_8166875634380720808_n12308276_791454970977906_5560323266004973537_n12310565_791454924311244_2099610795714239317_n The next project consists of a Christmas angel with lit up wings , entirely handmade!11219365_797621770361226_5094763826865523709_n 11224043_785824554874281_2703049589443795307_n 12196312_785824538207616_1508792039671314960_n 12227087_785824568207613_1166090367274309692_n 12241567_785824578207612_5637514722616119154_nMy next project … My musical doll! 10376057_804335086356561_602869210475399862_n 10441314_804335143023222_9106414385142701363_n12509036_818544148268988_1831834651758739428_n 12510286_818544174935652_1301432978362051185_n 12524054_818544104935659_1743198846279225014_nBallerina trinket box!13139357_884632848326784_8744800714756297156_n 13179283_884632871660115_4080906414149435485_n

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